Equipment and Machines

The Department of Neuroradiology uses imaging equipment at various sites for examinations, clinical studies, and research.


1) Department of Neuroradiology

​Magnetic Resonance Imaging
​Magnetom Skyra (Siemens), 3 Tesla​Ingenia (Philips), 3 Tesla 
Magnetom Skyra (Siemens), 3 Tesla – auch für intraoperative Aufnahmen
​Ingenia Ambition X (Philips), 1.5 Tesla

​Artis Zee biplane (Siemens) ​Artis Q Zen biplane (Siemens)
​Artis Zee Floor monoplane (Siemens), only for research (USZ laboratory tract) ​

​Computer Tomograpy
​Somatom Definition Flash (Siemens), for emergencies*​Airo (Brainlab), Mobile Intraoperative
​CT (Siemens), newest generation

*at the USZ emergency center

Orthopantomogram ​
​Cranex DC2 (Soredex)

​Multix Fusion (Siemens)​Dart Evolution (Shimadzu), Mobile

​EPIQ 5G (Philips)


EEG-System with 64 channels, fMRI compatible

Virtual Reality Glasses & Eye Tracker
Oculus Quest
HTC VIVE Eye Pro, with wireless adapter​

tDCS (transcranial direct-current stimulation) devices (neuroConn, DC-Stimulator MR & PLUS)


2) Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

The Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology operates the MR Center South at the USZ. The Department of Neuroradiology uses the center's magnetic resonance tomographs to examine intensive-care patients and the emergency center's computer tomograph. We also use some of the machines for research.

Clinic of Radiology


3) Wagi Center

The Clinic of Nuclear Medicine operates a site with state-of-the-art PET equipment in Schlieren. The results of the PET examinations are combined with imaging techniques such as CT and MRI, enabling specialists to precisely localize biochemical processes in the body. The Department of Neuroradiology uses the site's MRI equipment for examinations.
Clinic of Nuclear Medicine



4) Wollishofen Center

The university hospital's diagnostic imaging center in Wollishofen is run by the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. The Department of Neuroradiology and the Clinic of Nuclear Medicine support the processes at the Wollishofen site. We use the center's MRI and CT equipment (GE Healthcare) to examine and treat patients.

Center Wollishofen


5) Airport Center

Starting in 2020, the USZ will offer outpatient medical services directly at the airport. The Department of Neuroradiology will use the imaging equipment (MRI, CT) at the center for examinations and treatments.

Information Airport Center


Jürg Bäni
Clinic Manager
Tel. +41 44 255 51 89

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