HugoKrayenbühl_3to1.jpgHugo Krayenbühl at the Neurosurgery Department of the USZ, source: AfM PSf_gf PN 222.

Over the years, several well-known experts have initiated and promoted the field of Neuroradiology at the University Hospital of Zurich:

  • Hugo Krayenbühl (Neurosurgeon)
  • M. Gazi Yaşargil (Neurosurgeon)
  • Ugo Fisch (Skull-base surgeon)
  • Günter Baumgartner (Neurologist)
  • Konrad Akert (Brain Researcher)

The former clinic director, Prof. Antonios Valavanis, expanded the clinical services, teaching activities and research at the USZ from the 1980s until the current day, building up the current clinical neuroscientific discipline along the way. In 2018, Prof. Christoph Stippich took over as department head and academic chair.

Today, the Department of Neuroradiology uses sophisticated imaging methods for structural and functional diagnostics. Moreover, it offers interventional procedures for minimally invasive, image-guided treatment of diseases of the central nervous system and its appendages. Both disciplines (diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology) are applied in adults and children.


The most important historical landmarks at the USZ:

The neurosurgeons H. Krayenbühl and M. G. Yaşargil introduce the term "neuroradiology" at the USZ and define it in their textbook "Cerebral Angiography” as a specialty within the neurological sciences.
​1977Commissioning the first skull computer tomograph (CT) at the USZ

First catheter-based embolization of a vascular malformation of the brain at the USZ

Introduction of Interventional Neuroradiology
​1984First superselective intraarterial fibrinolysis treatment for stroke

Commissioning the first magnetic resonance tomograph (MR) at the USZ

Introduction of Neuroimaging

The Chair of Neuroradiology is created at the University of Zurich.
​​First treatment of a brain aneurysm with the novel method of coiling. First international "Zurich Course on Interventional Neuroradiology" at the USZ, which was subsequently held annually for many years.
The Chair for Neuroradiology is created at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zurich and the Institute of Neuroradiology is set up at the USZ. Introduction of carotid stenting for the treatment of high-grade, symptomatic carotid stenoses.
​1995The neuroendovascular research laboratory is founded.
​1998The research groups "Neuroimaging" and "Neurointervention" of the Institute of Neuroradiology are included in the newly founded Neuroscience Center of the University of Zurich and ETH.

As part of the new umbrella strategy of the USZ, the institute is renamed "Department of Neuroradiology" and is assigned to the sectors Neuro-Head (primary medical area) and Imaging Procedures (secondary medical area).

Introduction of mechanical thrombectomy procedures for the treatment of stroke.

​2012The MR center NORD opens and is equipped with three high-field (3 Tesla) magnetic resonance tomography systems and a neurosurgical intraoperative MR system.
​2014Foundation of the USZ Clinical Neurocenter as a collaboration of the three clinics Neurology, Neuroradiology and Neurosurgery.
​2018Professor Christoph Stippich takes over as Department head and academic chair.

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