Continuing Education


The Department of Neuroradiology is an accredited institution (category A) for continuing medical education in Diagnostic Neuroradiology (2 years) and Invasive Neuroradiology (2 years). We also offer a one-year training in diagnostic neuroradiology for radiology trainees. Neurology, neurosurgery and neuropathology trainees can complete a one-year training (outside of their subject area) in diagnostic neuroradiology at the clinic.

Further information is available through the continuing education program of the FMH Swiss Medical Association.

​In 2020 the Department of Neuroradiology was certified by the SIWF as a Postgraduate Training Centre for Diagnostic and Invasive Neuroradiology.

The Department of Neuroradiology also offers a series of lectures and seminars, which we continuously update here.

Spring term 2020:

The continuing education events are cancelled for the spring semester 2020.

Advanced Neuroimaging Seminar, Spring 2020

Selected Chapters in Neuroradiology, Spring 2020

Fall term 2019:

Advanced Neuroimaging Seminar Autumn 2019

Selected Chapters in Neuroradiology Autumn 2019


Advanced Neuroimaging Seminar Spring 2019

Selected Chapters in Neuroradiology Spring 2019


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