Teaching and research are key areas at every university clinic. Our lecturers teach neuroradiology as part of the pre-clinical and clinical studies in medicine and courses are continuously adapted to the needs of our students. For detailed information on the lectures, consult the course catalogue of the University of Zurich.


The Department of Neuroradiology participates in the following lectures:

1st year of medical studies, pre-clinical studies

Clinical examination course of the locomotor apparatus, radiological anatomy​Autumn

2nd year of medical studies, pre-clinical studies


Lecture series human biology II, module: CNS

Topic: Imaging techniques CNS


4th year of medical studies, clinical studies


Module: nervous system

Topics: spinal cord imaging, brain tumors, vascular neuroradiology


​Module: sensory organs, face, neck

Topics: basics in radiological diagnostics for ear/paranasal sinus/eye socket, and head/neck

​Clinical course radiology​Spring

6th year of medical studies, revision course


​Subject area: neuro / psyche

Topics: neurovascular imaging, neurooncological imaging, imaging in degenerative and inflammatory brain disease


Subject area: head / neck

Topics: radiology of paranasal sinus/eye socket/neck, radiology of skull base/petrous bone



​EEG fields and brain fucntions, laboratory course​Autumn & Spring
​Research seminar on developmental neuropsychology and brain mapping​Autumn & Spring
​Neuroimaging block course​Autumn & Spring
​Research meeting​Autumn & Spring

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