Diagnostic Imaging

Computertomography (CT)

Computer tomography rapidly produces sectional images with high spatial resolution which provide a high diagnostic accuracy. The method is used in the entire spectrum of neuroradiology.

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Tel. +41 43 254 41 20                                                 PD Dr. med. S. Winklhofer, Senior Physician

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic resonance imaging has attained a very high status in diagnostic neuroradiology. The high soft tissue contrast and the possibility of functional imaging have opened up new possibilities in diagnostics and therapy. Additionally, the Department of Neuroradiology is one of the few centers worldwide that operates an intraoperative 3T system.

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Tel. +41 43 254 41 20                                                KD Dr. med. A. Pangalu, Leading Physician
dispo.nra@usz.ch                                                      PD Dr. med. M. Blatow, Leading Physician

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Conventional X-Ray

Despite the advent of newer, cross-sectional imaging methods, conventional X-ray diagnostics has firmly retained its place in neuroradiology. In addition to orthopantomography of the jaw, we offer the entire spectrum of conventional radiology.

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Ultrasound (sonography)

Using Doppler sonography, the head and neck vessels can also be examined outside our department (e.g. in the intensive care unit). One advantage of this method is the possibility to diagnose very specific questions without exposure to radiation.

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Tel. +41 43 254 41 20                                          Dr. med. Al-Haj Husain, Senior Physician

Neuroradiological Examinations of the Tear Ducts

The Department of Neuroradiology carries out special neuroradiological examinations on an outpatient basis. We diagnose diseases of the tear ducts (so-called dacryocystography) and perform neurointerventional treatments using balloons and/or stents to remove constrictions (stenoses).

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Tel. +41 61 821 99 00

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Dr. med. Ulrich Lachmund, Senior Physician

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