Neuroradiological Therapy

Interventional Neuroradiology

Our team of interventional neuroradiologists offers all state-of-the art endovascular treatments, with a special focus on the head, face, neck and spine.

Registration and information
Tel. +41 44 255 56 01

Senior Physician in charge
PD Dr. med. Z. Kulcsar, Dept. Department Head
Prof. Dr. Shakir Husain, Deputy Head Interv. Neuroradiology
PD Dr. Tilman Schubert, Senior physician, with extd. responsibility

Neuroradiological Interventions of the Tear Ducts

The Department of Neuroradiology carries out special neuroradiological examinations on an outpatient basis. We diagnose diseases of the tear ducts (so-called dacryocystography) and perform neurointerventional treatments using balloons and/or stents to remove constrictions (stenoses).

Registration and information
Tel. +41 61 821 99 00

Senior Physician in charge
Dr. med. Ulrich Lachmund, Senior physician

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