Ongoing Studies and Clinical Trials

Competitively funded studies conducted at the Department of Neuroradiology:

​Funding agency & project no.
Role of the Dept. of Neuroradiology

​Investigating attention and visual brain processing through neurofeedback intervention


Real-time fMRI during subliminal perception

Ultra-fast fMRI during attentional processing

​​SNF, project no. 182803

2019 - 2022

​​Applicant (PD Dr. L. Michels)
​CRPP​2019 - 2021


(Applicants: Prof. A. Luft, Prof. S. Wegener)

​CRPP​2019 - 2021


(Applicants: Prof. J. Hodler, Prof. M. Guckenberger)

​SPHN​2019 - 2021


(Applicant: Prof. M. Guckenberger)

​SNF, project no. 169250

2017 - 2020

​Co-Applicant (Prof. S. Kollias, PD Dr. L. Michels)

(Applicant: Prof. A. Curt)

Research projects and clinical studies:

Responsible Person

Neurostimulation in Chronic and Episodic Migraine, ​clinical trial: NCT03237754

​2017 - 2021

PD Dr. L. Michels

​Multimodal imaging in mild cognitive impairment

​2019 - 2021PD Dr. ​L. Michels

​Lateral geniculate nuclei MR imaging and volumetry

We developed specific magnetic resonance imaging protocols for a precise and accurate volumetry of the LGN (Aldusary et al., NeuroImage 2019). We now work on further accelerating the data acquisition and processing.

​2015 - 2021

Dr. M. Piccirelli

Evaluation of neural correlates of cognitive-motor dual-task interference effects in patients with mild neurocognitive disorder and in healthy elderly.

​2019 - 2021PD Dr. M. Blatow, Dr. O. G. Rus-Oswald​

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